CP-01 Hydrostatic Test

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North Segment

                    South Segment

Upcoming Pipeline Hydrostatic Pressure Test on the CP-01 Pipeline

Phillips 66 expects to undertake a pipeline hydrostatic pressure test this winter, beginning in January of 2021, on the underground pipeline it operates in the greater southeast Houston area (North Segment and South Segment). We will update the schedule on this website as it is finalized.

Please do NOT enter the pipeline area during the test.

As part of our testing procedures, you may observe crews or contractors on or near the pipeline right-of-way while the test takes place.  Hydrostatic pressure tests are run on a 24-hour basis for two or three days, so there may be some activity during nighttime hours as well.

Our crews may be identified by their use of company vehicles and appropriate safety apparel.  They will access the pipeline area either with lightweight vehicles on established roads or on foot.  We will undertake reasonable efforts to protect growing crops and vegetation, but should a disturbance become necessary or be made inadvertently, our crews will document it.  

Following this monitoring activity, we will determine if any repairs or excavation are needed.  Should that become necessary on a piece of property, the homeowner or occupant will be notified with specific information as to when and where that work will take place.

At Phillips 66, we are committed to operating excellence and maintaining safe, reliable pipelines and facilities. Our core safety value means we are also committed to working together to help protect the communities we live and work in. If you suspect a Phillips 66 pipeline emergency, call the emergency number at 1-877-267-2290.


Please call 800-231-2566 or email us at resource.publicawareness@p66.com with any questions or concerns you may have.