Powder River Hyrdotest

As part of our continuous program to ensure the integrity and safety of our pipeline assets, Phillips 66 expects to perform a hydrostatic pressure test (aka a "hydrotest") on its "Powder River" pipeline that is located in Colorado. The test is expected to commence the week of August 24, 2020 and is anticipated to be completed by the end of October, going from La Junta, CO to Aurora, CO.

During the test, the pipeline will be filled in segments with water and tested to higher-than-normal operating pressures. Following the monitoring activity, it will be determined if any repairs or excavations are needed. Should that become necessary on a landowners' property, the landowner will be notified with specific information as to when and where that work will take place. If no repairs or excavations are needed, the next segment will be filled and tested.

While we do not anticipate any problems, as a safety precaution, we request that you or any occupants of the property stay at least 50 feet away from the pipeline corridor during the testing activity or when crews are working on your property or in the area.

As part of our testing procedures, one may observe crews or contractors on or near the pipeline right-of-way during the test. These tests are run on a 24-hour basis, so there may be some activity during nighttime hours as well.

Our crews can be identified by their company vehicles and safety apparel. They will access the property either on foot or on established roads with vehicles such as pickup trucks or larger equipment if a repair is needed. Every effort will be made to protect any growing crops, vegetation, or landscaping (if any), but should a disturbance become necessary or made inadvertently, the crews will document it, and the landowner will be notified.

Phillips 66 appreciates your cooperation while our crews are in your area conducting their preliminary & testing work.

Please call Chad Polak at (303) 376-4363 or email him at with any questions or concerns you may have.

For more iformation on how we keep our pipelines operating safely, please visit

Please find below images of each Segment zoomed in. 

Segments 10-13

Segment 10 - In process

Segment 11 - Starting the week of November 16th

Segment 12​ - ​Starting the week of November 16th

Segment 13 - Not yet Scheduled

Segments 5-9                                              

Segment 5 - Completed                                                                  

Segment 6 - Completed                                                   

 Segment 7 - Completed                              

 Segment 8 - Completed                              ​

Segment 9 - In process

Segments 1-4

Segment 1 - Completed

Segment 2 - Completed

Segment 3 - Completed

Segment 4 ​- Completed