Beaumont Terminal

Located in a prime position along the Sabine-Neches Waterway in Nederland, Texas, the Beaumont Terminal is a gateway to the Gulf Coast. As the largest terminal in the Phillips 66 portfolio, it has 74 total tanks with shell capacity totaling 11.1 million barrels. We are in the process of adding an additional 3.5 million barrels of crude storage capacity, which is expected to be online by the end of 2018.


  • Crude Oil: 30 tanks with 7.4 million barrels total shell capacity
  • Refined products: 44 tanks with 3.7 million barrels of total shell capacity

The Beaumont Terminal offers dedicated loading facilities for crude oil and refined products, accommodating tank trucks, railcars, ships and barges. Additionally, it has a number of inbound and outbound pipeline connections.


With its proximity to the Gulf Coast, the Beaumont Terminal offers easy access to both ships and barges. The marine facilities include a multiproduct main dock, crude oil dock and a refined products barge dock.

Multiproduct Main Dock

  • Serves crude oil and refined products
  • Two active berths to accommodate ships or up to ten barges simultaneously
    • Berth specifications:
      • Length overall: 950 feet
      • Beam: 138 feet
      • Water depth: 40 feet at mean sea level
      • Air draft: 136 feet
      • Deadweight tonnage: 120,000
    • Crude Oil Dock
      • Single berth
      • Load up to 20,000 BPH
      • Discharge from vessels up to 50,000 BPH
      • Two 16" loading arms
    • Berth specifications:
      • Length overall: 1,020 fee
      • Beam: 150 fee
      • Water depth: 40 feet at mean sea leve
      • Air draft: 136 fee
      • Deadweight tonnage: 150,000
    • Refined Products Barge Dock
      • Multiple products
      • Side-by-side unloading
      • Discharge rates up to 3,000 BPH
      • Water depth: 22 feet at mean sea level


The Beaumont Terminal has a number of inbound and outbound pipeline connections for both crude oil and refined products.

Crude Connectivity

  • ​​Bayou Bridge
  • ExxonMobil 24"
  • Zydeco
  • ​Marketlink
  • Paline
  • SPR
  • Seaway
  • Smith Bluff
  • Sunoco 20"

clean Products connectivity

  • ExxonMobil


Access to all major U.S. and Canadian crudes including:

  • Bakken
  • Cushing
  • Eagle Ford
  • Gulf of Mexico
  • Houston
  • Permian
  • Western Canadian


The Beaumont Terminal has both a tank truck loading station and rail rack, with loading equipment and pipelines for both crude oil and refined products.



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